SOLTI is an academic group founded in 1995. With an accumulated pipeline of 77 clinical trials, we are one of the reference groups in oncology at a national and international level.

Based on our CORPORATE VALUES...

...we work hard to promote an innovative research together with our experts and develop translational trials in oncology, especially in breast cancer.


At SOLTI we promote excellence when performing our independent clinical research in oncology, mainly from our members’ own ideas.

With a traslational-basis, our trials are grouped under three programs:

Phase I, II and III proof-of-concept trials. Involving quite a large period of time, give us information on a drug’s efficacy.

Very informative trials at a biological level. They take advantage of the period between the diagnosis and surgery to test new therapeutic strategies.

Trials with no drug-intervention. Samples collection + correlative analysis of tumors and liquid biopsies. Looking for clinically-predictive biomarkers and mechanisms of resistance.


This is the reason why we promote activities to take this knowledge closer to our researchers and stimulate as well:

Scientific Summits
Annual meetings focused on current hot topics in the field. Multidisciplinary faculty and international speakers, good scenario to be informed of recent research results.

Scientific Learning
• Biostatistics and Bioinformatics course
• Clinical Trials Design workshop for young researchers
• Hereditary Breast Cancer Day-Meeting
• Oncodebates, post-european conference

Scientific Outreach
Small meetings with local focus and regional speakers. They stimulate knowledge exchange within local community and an excellent forum to disseminate SOLTI’s scientific news.

* All our activities are open-access and free for researchers dedicated to oncology


From Fundación SOLTI we are committed to patient empowerment to help them when facing their disease. Our goal is to offer both information and training about their pathology as well as about clinical research so that they turn into active subjects when making treatment decisions.

Digital tools to connect patients with each other (MBC Connect Ambassadors in Spain).

Training workshops  about clinical trials in different spanish cities.

Personalised attention  and counseling about participation in a clinical trial.

Online dissemination  and fundraising campaigns for academic research purposes.

Collaboration with Patients Associations  around the country.